Sunday Summary #1

This is exciting stuff, I’ve finally decided that I’m going to be a good blogger and actually try and introduce some sort of posting schedule to my blog (shock horror I know) and I figure the best way to get this started is a sunday night round up post of what I’ve been doing this week. Especially as I mainly post editorials and things like that, this gives you guys an exciting glimpse into the rock and roll life that I lead…

So.. on with the show..


1. Last ever french lesson, really sad but I can’t say I’ll miss it too much, lets just say, french- not exactly my strong point. 2. My messy desk, mainly because of revision, but also a bit to do with me being really messy. 3. When I decided to actually tidy my desk I found this wonderful photo book my friends got my for my 18th, full of dreadful pictures of me… (yes that is me on a slide meant for kids… don’t ask!) 4. The worlds biggest steak, I didn’t eat it all (promise!).

This week, I have also discovered the best gym album ever this, Watch the Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West has kept me motivated on the cross trainer this week. It has also been getting me exited for BBC Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend, which is in like 2 months!

Link Love

  • This lovely post from a blog I have just started reading, absolutely adore the skirt she is wearing.
  • Joined StumbleUpon this week, which is probably not my best idea with exams so close, but I found these amazing posts on street art, absolutely blown my mind, check them out here and here. Also if you want to follow(?) me, you can do that by clicking right here!
  • A post from a while ago, talking about how Sarah Burton is a fashion bad ass, I mean, could you look into Anna Wintour’s eyes and lie about the royal wedding dress?
  • ELLE joined in with the royal anniversary celebrations by writing a post on various paper gifts suitable for the royal couple

And… I’m done, not too bad for a first attempt!

What have you been doing this week?

Love, Philli


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